Non-Negotiables and Working From Home

“I’m tired!” 

“I’m stressed!” 

“I don’t know what time I finish work!” 

A few phrases from just one of my clients who have recently been instructed to work from home these last couple of weeks, given the current situation the world is in with Covid-19. 

This client works in highly stressful corporate environment being a Senior Vice President of a large bank and they are expected to work even more now that they have no commute and nowhere to be, given the Circuit Breaker preventative measure put in place by Singapore Government.  

Of course the first few weeks of WFH are going to have teething problems. 

Finding your groove, what time do we wake up? What time do we go to bed?

Delegating time for tasks 

Organising your home office

Buying a plant to bring some greenery indoors

I get it… I am currently learning how to work from home myself.

But one of the things I have included in my clients programs and for myself is having non-negotiables, for example:

  • They must have 60 Minutes of Physical Training Per Day 
  • They must stand for 10 minutes every working hour
  • Training must be performed outdoors 
  • There must be no distractions from work notifications during training time
  • They must have a start and finish time to their day, daily 
  • They must consume allocated nutrition goals daily 
  • They must allocate “me time” to read a book or a self-care activity 

In order to be a high performer, you MUST have non-negotiables in your daily routine.

There will be head noise and doubts about not getting work done, but as long as you stick to your non-negotiables, do your work and wash your hands, there is no reason you can't stay committed to being a high performer during this Covid-19 period.

If you would like to learn more on how to implement these strategies with you or your team, I would love to chat with you. 


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