“I have only been training with Eoin for about 2 months or so now, but so far the results have been amazing. Eoin really listened to what I wanted to achieve from the outset and made sure that the correct things were implemented into my program (as well as also adapting it for particular exercises I had asked to do), and in a short space of time I’ve managed to reach my goal weight again and feel stronger and better than ever. I also really appreciate the effort Eoin has gone to outside our sessions in relation to nutrition advice as well as making sure that I generally stay on track to achieve my goals (whatever they may be) - this is what sets him apart from a lot of other PTs. I’m really excited to keep training and can’t wait to see what the results are in a couple of months!”

- Anastasia Mihailidis

“So my goal with Eoin was to build my aerobic base and he is relentless in pushing and encouraging me to achieve it. Regardless or how much I curse or complain he never allows me to give up which is exactly why I got a coach in the first place!! 3 months into my training program and I’m able to run 5k in 38 minutes without panting... not too bad considering I HATE running!”

- Bernice Pineda

 “I've been working with Eoin for just 2 months now but it feels like 2 years... in a good way! Eoin had a thorough and comprehensive handover with my old personal trainer, so right from the beginning, it felt like Eoin knew me, knew my goals and knew how to push me so that I  get the most out of my sessions. The thing I like the most about Eoin is his responsiveness. As a woman, sometimes I have off days. I can be a different person from one session to the next. Eoin is always quick to tailor my sessions to suit my needs at the time, so that we continue to make progress in the right direction, no matter what's going on in my life at the time. Eoin is knowledgeable, caring and encouraging. When I train with Eoin it feels like he is 100% on my team in terms of my nutrition, my fitness and my mental health.”

- Erin Jack